Note that this hike is a shorter variation of the Laguna Torre hike. Visit the Laguna Torre page if you’re looking for a longer trek.

Hike Statistics:

  • Distance: 6.4 km round trip (4 miles)
  • Min Elevation: 426 meters (1,397 ft)
  • Max Elevation: 610 meters (2,000 ft)
  • Estimated Duration: 2-3 hours round trip



This trailhead is located in El Chalten and can be a little tricky to find.  Head southwest on Lago del Desierto from its intersection with Av. MM De Guemes (the main road entering El Chalten).  Take a right on Jose Antonio Rojo and follow it to its end where you’ll run into a stairway.  Climb up the stairs to the top of the hill.  You’ll still be in a residential area with some houses.  The trailhead is located a little further to the southwest behind a couple blocks of homes/shops.  Look for the trail as it climbs steeply from the trailhead.

Hike Description:

This is a great hike on a clear, low-wind day.  Cerro Torre is a very elusive mountain (and it is also one of the most famous in the area).  As soon as the wind picks up – and it’s almost always windy during the middle of summer – Cerro Torre gets enshrouded in clouds.

You’ll climb consistently for 3.2 km (2 miles) until you reach Mirador Laguna Torre.  Rio Ritz Roy parallels you the entire time on your left.  You’ll be treated to some wonderful views of the river along the way.

Once you get to Mirador Laguna Torre, be certain to soak in the sight of what stands before you to the west.  You can make out Cerro Torre and its companion peaks from there.  This is a great spot to enjoy lunch and the natural surroundings.  Return to the trailhead the same way you came.

Argentina is such an incredible place.  We highly recommend picking up a travel guide before you venture out!