Chaco is just far enough away from civilization that not many people make the trip out to the intriguing New Mexico canyons. It was a cultural epicenter for the Ancient Puebloans, who likely flocked to Chaco for rituals, trade, and spiritual enlightenment.

Chaco Canyon offers adventures for people of all abilities. Many of the archeological wonders lie directly adjacent to a road that runs through the canyon. For individuals who are a little more adventuresome, the National Park Service has done a great job of NOT running roads out to sites on top of the canyon walls.

There are thousands of pictographs perched high amongst the rocks, and many ancient roads leading into the social center. On the right, you can toggle through our pictures to view the grand staircase. Imagine how long it took to carve a staircase into the side of the canyon. This really must have been a special place – and it still is!

[googlemap width=”false” height=”400″ latitude=”36.110281″ longitude=”-107.920397″ address=”County Rd 7855 Nageezi, NM 87037″ zoom=”7″ border=”no” type=”ROADMAP”]