Kane Ranch, Paria Plateau, and Vermillion Cliffs sit in the middle of some of the most rugged country in the lower forty-eight. Recently, California Condors were reintroduced in the area. The Peregrine Fund currently oversees the project, and hopefully it will be a successful endeavor. However, the Fund is still struggling with issues such as the use of lead bullets for hunting in the area. If ingested by the birds, the consequences are fatal. For more information on the California Condor project in Arizona visit The Peregrine Fund.

Kane Ranch and Two Mile Ranch were acquired by the Grand Canyon Trust in 2005 in an effort to restore the ecological balance found – or not found – on the Paria and Kaibab Plateaus. The Grand Canyon Trust is a non-profit organization that has accepted the charge of stewarding particular areas on the Colorado Plateau. In particular, it places the majority of its emphasis on the landscapes and ecosystems in northern Arizona and central/southern Utah.

For more information on these areas, please visit the Grand Canyon Trust.