No Name Trail Trailhead: Jess Weaver Trailhead (Glenwood Canyon)

Activities: Hiking

Closest Towns: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Driving Directions to Trailhead: 

  • From I-70 in Glenwood Canyon take Exit 119 (two miles east of Glenwood Springs).
  • Head north away from the rest area for .5 miles on No Name Road.
  • You will dead-end into the trailhead. Park in the designated lot just to the south of the last house in the canyon.

Hiking Distance: ~ 6.2 miles (roundtrip)


The No Name Trail (aka Jess Weaver Trail) is really the highlight of the three major hikes you can do in Glenwood Canyon. It’s a little shorter and much steeper than the Grizzly Creek Trail.

Begin the hike at a small parking lot on the north side of I-70. The first .4 miles of the hike follow the water diversion access road to a small diversion building. Water is diverted to Glenwood Springs as one of the town’s main water supply sources.

No Name Trail | Waterfall

No Name Trail | Waterfall

It’s once you pass the diversion structure that the trail turns to single track and you leave most traces of humanity behind. The trail is oftentimes steep and follows No Name Creek the entire way up the canyon. Dense vegetation sometimes shields the creek from view, but you’ll always hear its roar.

At mile 1.2, the trail performs two switchbacks above a small gorge below. At mile 1.5, a series of waterfalls crash down the gorge on your right side as the trail climbs higher and higher. Watch your ankles on the loose rock that starts to make up the still well-defined trail.

Just beyond mile 3 you’ll encounter a bridge. This is a great stopping point and place to turn back around. The trail becomes relatively indiscernible and overgrown beyond this point (though you can continue on at your own risk).

Worth Noting: This is our absolute favorite hike in Glenwood Canyon. The No Name Trail is one of the lesser used in the Glenwood Springs area, and it is a great way to beat the crowds at Hanging Lake. It’s clear that this trail is truly wilderness. I saw numerous signs of black bears while out running. It’s best to carry a bell or make intermittent noise while you’re hiking to avoid close encounters.

And when you’re done hiking, be sure to visit Glenwood Hot Springs to wind down and relax!


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Alexis November 6, 2016 11:23 pm
Overall Experience
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I’ve never seen so many signs of black bear in my life. I can’t believe how wild this trail is given how close it is to Glenwood. Loved it!