Ian Taylor Provides 10 Tips for Hiking in Nepal

The Colorado Hiker is proud to partner with Ian Taylor Trekking. Ian is an experienced mountain guide who has provided the following guest blog article. If you’re looking for a unique hiking experience outside of the U.S., get in Touch with Ian Taylor Trekking. You have been hiking around Colorado and different parts of the […]

Not All is Lost in Lost Creek

We visited Lost Creek Wilderness this last weekend for some trail running and relaxation…  We found both!  We also ran into a couple groups of Colorado Trail Thru Hikers who were just embarking on their five to six-week journeys.  Good luck to y’all!!! Site Editor, Josh, thru hiked the Colorado Trail back in 2003.  He […]

Gearing Up For Winter Backpacking

Today is my lucky day!  My father-in-law just handed down not just one but two 1975 North Face Oval Intention tents – pure nostalgia!!!  I set one of them up, and the dang thing is in near perfect condition.  This all comes at a straight money time; I’m taking two of my best friends snow […]

Dust Off Your Snowshoes Near Winter Park

I took my two dogs out for a 6-mile jaunt this last Saturday up St. Louis Creek near Fraser.  Fortunately, we were the only ones out there this weekend!  We caught some amazing views of Byers Peak and had the trail all to ourselves.  There’s an extensive winter trail network back in this area — […]

Treat Our Public Lands With R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

We just learned about a really unfortunate incident regarding vandalism in some of our most cherished national parks, including Rocky Mountain National Park. This is just a simple reminder to leave no trace and treat our special natural places with the respect they deserve!  You can also read more on CNN.

Welcome to Summer in Colorado

The photograph you see here is of Chimney Peak, which is located in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.  This is just a small taste of the San Juan’s beauty. The peak is 11,781 feet in elevation.  While it is a fairly technical mountain to climb, you can enjoy its beauty from a number of […]