6 Ways To Get Hiking Fit In 20 Minutes A Day

Do you want to be fit enough to go trailblazing with friends or maybe even conquer your first fourteener? If so, then pick one of these 20-minute techniques to work on every day, and in no time, you’ll be in your best trail shape of your life, and ready to defeat any obstacle that stands […]

Gear Review: Osprey Hornet 32 Backpack

If you spend any time outdoors, hiking trails or mountain biking you are familiar with Osprey Packs and for good reason. From technical to hydration to everyday packs, Osprey has a generous lineup of packs to suit everyone’s needs. I acquired a couple of Osprey Hornet 32 packs for my team to compete in a […]

The Hiker’s Guide to Getting Travel Insurance

Some people travel to relax. Others get away to try new foods or visit historic sites. But thrill seekers travel in search of their next adrenaline rush. Adventure activities get your heart racing and the world has plenty to satisfy even the bravest, with things like mountain climbing, skiing, skydiving, motorsports, bungee jumping, white water […]

Let’s Go Winter Camping – Want To Join?

Don’t make your first trip a five-day backcountry expedition!  Winter camping requires extra planning and quite a bit of specialized gear. You’ll carry extra pounds of gear, face unique risks, and need to learn new methods for cooking, navigating, and–yes–burying your poop. Winter hiking requires quite a bit of specialized equipment. Staying dry, warm and […]