Review of Wilde Boldr Real Meat Protein Bars

Review of Wilde Boldr Real Meat Protein Bars
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Product Description:

Wilde Boldr Snack Bars are made with 100% Free Range Turkey, 100% Grass Fed Beef and 100% Vegetarian Fed Chicken

Small Batch, Slow Baked, Made in the USA

100 Calories | 10-11g Protein / Bar | Gluten Free

Product Review:

Flavors included in review: Turkey Cranberry, Turkey Maple Uncured Bacon Blueberry, Sweet Thai Style Basil Chicken, and Peach BBQ Beef

I’ve tried the Wilde bars, Epic bars and the Tanka bars. Each has positives and negatives, but to me it all comes down to personal taste.

I really enjoyed the overall flavor of the Wilde Bars. They’re definitely the best tasting of the bunch. You can tell they’re actually baked, and the texture is more like ground meat than jerky – much softer and more moist, though not as soft as others tested.

I like the texture.  They are easier on my digestive system during long aerobic activities like trail running.

The Wilde Bars are not as greasy as other meat bars and sticks and they keep well, too. I’ve used them while day hiking and backpacking.  Even during a weekend trip with a warm days and cold nights they seemed unaffected.

They were also the perfect snack for me while traveling; they have a good balance of protein, calories and low sugar. Surprisingly, the fruit & meat combinations work really well. I like that the ingredients are ground together so you don’t have fruit chunks.

The Peach BBQ Beef and the Sweet Thai Basil Chicken were my favorite.  I have read that other people seem to have a problem with the texture, but compared to the other protein bars I’ve tried, these are closer to real food, which is why they’re my favorite.