The Colorado Hiker’s Top 4 Hiking Book Recommendations

The Colorado Hiker’s Top 4 Hiking Book Recommendations
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Sometimes it’s just better to grab an old fashioned paperback book and jam out into nature!  There’s just something about feeling the paper’s texture, hearing the pages lightly crinkle, and smelling the heart and soul in every page.   Here is a list of our top four reads about Colorado hiking trails – easily the best Colorado hiking books around!

We especially enjoy Best Hikes with Kids Colorado.  More importantly, your children will enjoy hiking with you!

If you haven’t hiked a Colorado 14er yet, Gerry Roach’s guide is the top of the town (or the top of Colorado anyway).  He lays out the routes to Colorado’s heavens in exquisite detail.

And for those of you living or planning to spend time around Denver, we love 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Denver and Boulder.

Colorado has 54 14ers, more than 600 13ers, and hundreds of other peaks that can be reached without special equipment or expertise. Numerous guides dryly catalog these trails, but Best Summit Hikes in Colorado stands out from them all.

Happy Trails!