MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR Pocket Rocket
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Description: We’ve used the MSR Pocket Rocket for years now, and it is probably one of our favorite pieces of gear.  At 3 ounces, it is going to be darn near impossible to find a lighter stove.  It does well in mild winds; it is easy to adjust the temperature; and the metal is strong.

The only weakness with the Pocket Rocket is its relative instability, which can be corrected with a little fold-out stand (you have to purchase the stand separately).

All and all, this is a great product for backpacking.  It is also reasonably priced at around $40.  We bring this little guy with us on day hikes into wilderness areas as an emergency piece of gear in addition to using it for extended backpacking trips.  It’s versatility is what makes it a superb buy!

Manufacturer:    Mountain Safety Research
Product:            Pocket Rocket
Rating:              4.5 out of 5
Price:                $39.95

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