Mountain House Chicken a la King

Mountain House Chicken a la King
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Okay, so this isn’t gear.  It is, however, the best freeze-dried meal around!!!  If you’re running behind and don’t have time to prep your own meals before hitting the trail, Mountain House meals are there to save your you know what – and the Chicken a la King is the best of the best.  Mountain House meals are light, taste good for reconstituted food, and clean up well (you don’t have to wash pots or pans because you just poor hot water into the pouch and eat).

The only downside is the relatively high cost.  A two serving pouch costs $7.50, so it isn’t exactly light on the wallet.

Manufacturer:    Mountain House
Product:            Chicken a la King (serves 2
Rating:              5 out of 5
Price:                $7.50

Purchase now at REI: Mountain House Chicken a la King Noodles For Two